Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Take a Second to be Emo

As always during our downtime at Baroke, we surf the net. My surfing last night led me to an article on Yahoo which discusses how horrible some band names are. Included in that article is a link to a Emo Band Name creator. My band name is "Sunnyday Helicopter Drug." I need a bassist, drummer, and teen angst, who's in? Your time spent on that site depends on how many friends you can think of.

That made me remember a certain video from a couple years back. My friend Christina had shown me a video on how to be emo. It's 21 minute mock-umentary, on how to make the change. Well worth the time.

A simple google search brought me to this site. Hopefully, it's a joke.

It is a serious subject.

The scene should be dead soon, so make sure to laugh before it's over. Until then we will have to deal with the new King of Emo.

-baroke daniel
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Britten said...

Oh, kanye, i have one word: BURN!(in kelso voice) Nice, danny