Friday, October 31, 2008

change clothes....then go

We got flashy again. Meaning our main website is all flash and we are back on this blog. It works out for us because we get to hear your comments again. Check out the new site which launched with the help of our good friend Sonny.

We have launched our long awaited new line of shirts. 5 new tee's and they will go fast. Trust me. You can see our look book at our site baroke clothing.

The four of us are very proud to present this line to you, and we always want to thank those who have helped and supported along the way. So...thank you.

Ummmm...enough, with the precious moments, go tell your friends, neighbors, and mother's that we sell shirts at BAROKE CLOTHING DOT COM.

Check back daily and comment below!

Did I mention our site?


-Baroke Daniel
listening to Kid Cudi