Sunday, November 30, 2008



Is different than this:

Is a lot different than this:

And yes, she looks good with that eyeshadow.

Gotta love the Castles. And last night at work the DJ played Kid Cudi, who in my opinion you also must love. Check it out, and GO BEARS!

Buy Baroke.

-David of Baroke.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bling'd Out.

I saw these pictures posted by my friend Stephanie and thought I'd show a little love for having an unofficial "Matching Baroke" day.

Baroke Status shirt + Gray jeans = Delicious. Thanks for the support!

(Dave, Stephanie, Kevin)

Baroke Randy
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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Baroke wishes you all a happy thanksgiving. Eat well friends. 


Monday, November 24, 2008

Should we take 'em to court?

Last week during my blog surfing/procrastination/downtime, I found this site Let me Google that for You. Funny, yes. It is also a good thing to have if someone asks you for a site or something that is 10 seconds away from finding it on google. After I actually googled Baroke, I found this....

Nothing like cheesy 3D effect, 4 color, 3 font, anti-liberal t-shirts. You be the judge. Here.

-baroke Daniel
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

On A More Serious Note, aka Dave rants...

So, we here at Baroke have been blessed to the point that we still have jobs, pretty much have school wrapped up, and are able to make ends meet - by the way, thank you for supporting us as always, but especially in such a vulnerable time for small business. Thanks :)

That said, I have been staying in tune with Congress and corporate America at such a pivotal time for our nation. One thing that has irked me of late, is the auto companies' seeking $25 billion. We made a shirt this line, 'the suburbs are killing us,' and that shirt speaks to the physical environment in which the majority of Americans live in today: the suburbs. The suburbs have quite a history- and I want to TRY and stay on topic, so I'll only discuss what's relevant to the video below for now.

During the 1950s, auto makers like GM did things like buy transit systems. They then proceeded to drive those transit systems right into the ground. Why? Because they wanted those riders on the trains and trolleys to become drivers on the highways that they would later cause to be built (with your tax dollars, of course).

Next, the suburbs kept growing (due to de-industrialization and racist FHA neighborhood ranking systems that denied loans to specific neighborhoods, as well as racist realtors). The suburbs grew further and further away from the city center, and as time progressed, it became an absolute necessity to own a car in order to live in these enclaves and low-tax bedroom communities. People lived less and less densely, with McMansions sprouting along the periphery of the region, leeching off of the city proper. These homes need cars, and cars need roads. As I mentioned a moment ago, the residents insist on paying some of the lowest taxes in the entire world. So who pays for those roads and firemen and policemen and water pipes and schools to be built? EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T LIVE THERE! They get the money from the taxes that the general public pays, and then wealthy people move in, taking with them the taxes they paid in their former hometown.

This means that schools on the inner core get less money, and neighborhoods that were formerly populated by the haves fall into squalor for the have-nots. Many automobile and oil producers have squashed electric car development and successfully lobbied congress to repeal the miles per gallon standards that were put in place by Nixon and Carter. My point....

The autoworkers are people I feel for. The auto-ceos are a bunch of shortsighted idiots who leech off of our money and feed us products and habitats that are unremarkable and wasteful. I was taught in 4th grade - and yes, I lived in the suburbs - that we would have oil shortages by the year 2000. That happened, gas prices went up, and people stopped buying SUVs. Gas prices are only low now because of low demand for all the products - i.e. plastics, gasoline, etc. GM's CEO said he didn't see it coming.

So when these morons who we've given too much money to already are asking for more, I say only give them loans if they build air compression or electric powered vehicles. If it wasn't for the jobs (and the fact that I was raised by a mechanic), I would say screw 'em, and let some companies who know what they're doing come in and take their market share. Let the people who deserted their city bring back their tax dollars. I'll shut up now, here's the vid:

-Baroke "hippie idealist" David

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

tv show for the hipster child

A 3 year old buddy of mine, Alex, introduced me to Yo Gabba Gabba! this summer -- an over-the-top colorful tv show with no purpose and unclassifiable characters. I can't really describe the content...couldn't tell what was going on to be honest. It's just no Mr. Rogers thats for sure, but it gets kids moving and grooving?! what? yah i dont know either. They have a deejay - DJ Lance Rock.

Anyway, I was doing some research so I could hook this kooky kid up with some Yo Gabba Gabba! gear for Christmas and realized that they collab w/ Kid Robot and Paul Frank. Geez, finally these companies are hitting the right target market!

Their website is artistically, graphically kinda cool. Pretty colors! I can see why any hipster child or cute-things loving person would eat this shit right up! Its fascinating the kinds of visual stimluation our munchkins get today!

I chose to share this link. There's something really therapeutic about this. Just let it load first. Color Garden

p.s. I know I don't blog much, working on that...this is my start.

Baroke Victoria
More procrastination goodies!!!

Finals are coming up right after Thanksgiving for 3/4 of the Baroke tribe. For that reason, I bring you Fleet Foxes and a cute little French girl.

First, the Foxes:

La Blogotheque has a pretty flippin awesome video of the Fleet doing their thing. Also, since the winter makes me think about the Shins for some reason, I'll throw them in too!

Fleet Foxes - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Once upon a time... from Capucha on Vimeo.

I want to have a little French daughter one day. Enjoy Wednesday.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cookin' Something Up...

I think today was the first day that Chicago finally got some real snow on the ground. What better way to celebrate such an occasion except with a Baroke meeting. Wheeee?

Just in case you all didn't know, we are quite busy people. Individually, we all have other projects and jobs outside of Baroke so getting together is a rare commodity.

Occasionally we allow Baroke Victoria to sneak in some grub.

Lucky for us we got to document such commodities.

Baroke Randy
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Things to ponder about...

I received an interesting msg the other in the most odd place.

To whoever did this: Quite clever my friend...quite clever.

Baroke Randy
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Should be studying but...

I found this awesome site! Just meandering about the internetting today when I came across, a site that has tons of concerts for you to watch on it. For free! So far I've watched the Black Keys, SpankRock and some Arcade Fire. Time to check out the Presets show! Then I'll get back to the studying.

-Baroke David
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Monday, November 10, 2008


One of my favorite bands (David Crowder Band) came into town. Luckily I had my trusty camera so I thought I'd share the wealth:

Speaking of pictures, here is Baroke Randy's picture of the day: A very candid Baroke Daniel.

He's going to kill me. Alright, back to work. You Snooze You Lose. Buy a Tee!

Baroke Randy
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Refreshed from Camp Anawanna.


Randy checkin' in. It's been awhile guys, hope all is well with you. Yes, you the reader who is currently reading these words. Mmmm. I must say, we have been getting some crazy weather around here. There are times when I forget that it is November with this September temperature.

Anyway, I got the chance to get away from the maddness this past weekend. I headed up to Lake Geneva, WI for some much needed rest. I took some time out to shoot some night photos and thought I'd share one with you guys.

It was quite beautiful out there. Alright, don't flame me but...this past weekend was the first time I have ever seen a shooting star. Yeap, I've been deprived. And for you photo heads, that picture was taken at ISO 100 with a 20minute exposure. Yes, it was pretty cold standing in the middle of nothingness.

So with all this talk about Obama and the future it made me take a step back and think about the good old times. Not that thinking about Obama and the future of our country is a bad thing, but just all this future outlook made me think about my childhood. Anyway, to my point. I was recently talking to Daniel and our friend Mary about a past tv show that we all used to watch when we were kids. This may go past some of you younger ones heads but we were discussing the classsic, Salute Your Shorts.

Please don't mind that random guy who comes on every so often. I couldn't find the original version of this but no worries, the words that he sings is the original words that were sung in the introduction. Doesn't this bring a blast of memories? Man, good times. Alright, enough of this reminiscing, time to get back to business. Just wanted to warn you all. IF YOU HAVE NOT GOTTEN YOUR BAROKE SHIRTS YET, DONT COME CRYING LATER WHEN THEY ARE SOLD OUT. WE DO NOT REPRINT. I REPEAT, WE DO NOT REPRINT. Happy buying kids!

Baroke Randy
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Hope Change Anything Please

So the response to the new line has been awesome! We're all so happy to see our hard work paying off, and truly appreciate the interest shown in Baroke.

Today, however, the world is bigger than Baroke, and unless you've been kept in your basement your entire life by your crazy hillbilly grandparents, you know it was Obama vs McCain, and the United States chose its future (if you didn't vote you still chose). We at Baroke let our shoulders lean to the left for the most part, but regardless of your orientation, I'm glad our voices were heard. So long as you were well informed, that is.

A lot of amazing artwork has come out of this election season, and I wanted to share a few of our favorites here at Baroke.

For more posters and art work check out Design for Obama. If you have McCain art work feel free to post in the comments. These are some that I enjoyed.

Also check out Design Bay for their study of logo design and politics.

On a final patriotic note, I would implore everyone to give a listen to Malcolm X's "Ballot or the Bullet" speech. It emphasizes the need to support local businesses.

-baroke David
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

BAROKE the vote...

Okay that doesn't work that well I know, but you get the point.

The 4 Baroke-ians have all voted, have you? This is a very important election and the whole world will be watching. So make the right choice! I am sure we will all be watching the votes getting counted all night.

With all this going on be sure to check out our newest line. Which features our shirt entitled "Anything Please." The entire shirt is made out to read, "Hope, Change, Anything Please." Our shirts are perfect for this fall weather.

Happy Voting!

-Baroke daniel
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