Thursday, January 29, 2009

For the Graphic Designer in you...

That title sounds funny.


As a lot of graphic designers or GDers, my interest in the subject came from CD covers. As the hard copy of CD becomes obsolete, maybe not so much for me anymore. There are still people who do it well. Example below...

One of my favorite album covers of the last few years is Maximo Park's "A Certain Trigger."

Thanks to FFFFound, I recently came across the design firm that is responsible. Yes, not only designed the cd but all the records and singles. They are amazing.

One more thing to share. In honor of the Superbowl this weekend, the New York Times had an web article about Alternative Super Bowl Logos.

This is my favorite as a designer. As a football fan, I don't think they work. Within 5 years I think they will head in this direction. Simplicity that is.

Go Steelers.

-baroke daniel
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland

Not that Obama needs any more hype. I found this enjoyable. It's a stop motion piece by Gold Greendot.

-via Pitchfork

Happy Inags

-baroke Daniel
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While Baroke Victoria is having a steady 65 warmth, we got...

I think we got the better deal, no? All of a sudden, 20 degrees sounds amazing.

stay icy,
-baroke randy
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm in the HK!


This place is a non-stop shopping, eating, walking, smoking, drinking, shopping, eating, walking, shopping, eating, walking, smoking, drinking, shopping, eating, walking, shopping party. Whew! And I’m only half way through my trip! (been here 3 weeks, will be here for about another month)

Here’s the breathtaking skyline of Hong Kong (a part of it at least)!

Here’s one of the many many Nike stores! (they all look different too)

Here’s the entrance to one of my favorite dessert places!

Here’s a street I really like to shop on: (Granville in Tsim Sha Tsui if you must know)

Here’s a panda! Have you really ever seen a panda?

And here’s me at Ocean Park on a Gondola lift overlooking Hong Kong!

Just a quick peek. There’s really so much going on here, it's overwhelming. I’ll be back shortly with more thoughtful info! Stay posted!

Till next time,
- baroke victoria

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Albums of 2008...kind of

I was debating for about 13 days whether to write this blog or not. I figure I wouldn't do a top 10, but a 2008 listeners guide of sorts. CD's I feel should be listened to in a semi-particular order. Well, the first 3 are my tops of the year, after that it's random.

The Dodos - Visiter
The guitars will blow you away, drums will shock you, and the live show is the sh_t. It sounds like a full band and really it's only 2 guys.

Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
No album of '08 compares to this. If you like videos games, dancing, and heavy metal influence, this is it. Don't let that scare you, cause anyone can like this band.

Ra Ra Riot - the Rhumb Line
Probably the poppiest of my choices. Think Arcade Fire meets Vampire Weekend (or something happy). Catchy hooks, violin, and a cello, what more can you ask for.

Santogold - Santogold
When I first heard the album I thought it was pretty good, not great. After listening to it again and again, I realized that I listened to it all the time. It's that good.

Kid Cudi - A Kid Named Cudi
I am coming to the point where I've given up on caring about hip-hop. Sorry Sage. I don't care for hatred of mainstream and fun rap anymore. I embrace it, sort of. Kid Cudi balances on the line of conscious, hip, and radio rap. Something is different about it.

Q-tip - the Renaissance
Call it a comeback. People didn't like Vibrant Thing, I did. People liked the Renaissance, okay we agree there. Where Murs failed with generic choruses, Q-tip nailed it. He manages to sound oldschool in this modern day.

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
David wins this one. I saw this band at Pitchfork Music Festival. All I could think was...yawn. After finally being in the mood for some soft, down south rock, this album had me at White Winter Hymnal.

Flying Lotus
- Los Angeles
There are few hip hop instrumental artists I can take. Prefuse, RJD2, the Avalanches, Dilla, and now...Flying Lotus. 17 tracks of creative, classic and yet progressive beats. Also, if I gave out a "Best Band Website," he would win.

the Walkmen - You & Me
If you would have told me last year I would have the Walkmen on my list, I would have said something like, "" The Walkmen remind me of a modern day Velvet Underground. This album is different than the previous I've dabbled in, so it makes the cut. You win Aaron.

No Age
- Nouns
Sometimes everybody needs a little noise rock, and a little political noise. No Age has blasted their punk ways onto the indie scene, so get in touch with your roots Britt.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yelstin
- Pershing
I waited a long time for the follow up to "Broom." I was kind of shocked at how poppy and Beach Boys-y it was. This is one of those sit down and listen bands where it may take a while. Think Weezer if they used acoustics and never turned out lame.

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
This is that "not for everyone" type of album. Super dance-y at times and really mellow at others. I'm down with falsettos, and you should be too. So relax and watch their wacky antics.

Beck - Modern Guilt
I think our favorite Scientologist has finally found his groove again. Guero and the Information had too much fluff, this one hits the right strides. Danger Mouse does it again.

Honorable Mention
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Technically I had this last year but it was the Blue CD-R then. No matter who you are this album is good.

Ratatat - LP3
You were so close Ratatat. So close to great album.

TV on the Radio
- Dear Science
Half the cd was great, the rest okay.

Cadence Weapon
- After Party Babies
Fun at times, weird at others.

I know I forgot something. We'll see. Feel free to comment/hate/love.

I have a "Do Not Listen" list as well, maybe I'll post that.

-baroke Daniel
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(picture taken from bbc)


Stay icy,
Baroke Randy
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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome Oh Nine

I was going through my normal design blogs and came across these photos by an artist named Markus Hofko

Apparently this was done for Adidas. I highly recommend going to his site to check out his other work:

I also came across this awesome shot of a good friend of mine, Jon, rocking the baroke noob shirt.

I think its safe to say that he really does pwn noobs all day everyday with that controller and headset. So if any of you guys want to PWN noobs like Jon here:

1st: Get yourself the Baroke Noob Shirt Here
2nd: Get some l33t skills
3rd: If you can't get yourself some skills, get yourself some H4X0RS.
(If you don't understand anything I just said then you my friend are a NOOB)

enjoy the warm 30 degree weather chicago,
baroke randy
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Friday, January 2, 2009

3 Things


Happy New Year! Thanks for all the support through this past year. Hopefully this will be another great year for Baroke.


Our good friend Aaron visited New York this past week. He shared his stories of New Years Eve in Time Square, and the mass amounts of people. Also other stories that included seeing Ryan Seacrest, The Jonas Brothers, and Bill Clinton. Quite the array of interesting people. I guess. Here he is representing us proudly.


I recently came across this Nikon Cake. Just getting a DSLR for Christmas, I thought I'd share this with my fellow photographers.

Via Toxel


Good Day

-baroke Daniel
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