Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome Oh Nine

I was going through my normal design blogs and came across these photos by an artist named Markus Hofko

Apparently this was done for Adidas. I highly recommend going to his site to check out his other work: http://www.rainbowmonkey.de.

I also came across this awesome shot of a good friend of mine, Jon, rocking the baroke noob shirt.

I think its safe to say that he really does pwn noobs all day everyday with that controller and headset. So if any of you guys want to PWN noobs like Jon here:

1st: Get yourself the Baroke Noob Shirt Here
2nd: Get some l33t skills
3rd: If you can't get yourself some skills, get yourself some H4X0RS.
(If you don't understand anything I just said then you my friend are a NOOB)

enjoy the warm 30 degree weather chicago,
baroke randy
currently jammin' to green velvet - shake & pop

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