Monday, December 1, 2008

Broken ankles and Dance-y Songs

I had two separate things I wanted to post, but I decided to do one mega post.

Randy and I were talking about Derrick Rose and his cross over on Andre Miller.

Watch here...

Then anger yourself by reading the mindless comments people write.

We will end with this...Click Here

Common featuring Pharell on the new track Universal Mind Control. I didn't know Hype Williams had skills with lazers and robots. Any who, the song is sick.

Youtube won't allow embedding on this song. Friggin' Geffen.

Common's new cd comes out in a little over a week. The album has been done since summer but Common is a movie star and was filming so it wasn't released. There is also a commercial on his site in which Afrika Bambaataa and Common discuss influences for the song.

I think the Zulu Nation needs a web designer.


ps I play songs like these on this RADIO SHOW. Tuesdays 10am-12pm.

-baroke daniel
listening to: Common (as one would guess)

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