Monday, December 15, 2008

I Dream of Summer... ALREADY!!!

So, much of the Baroke team has recently finished up another semester of schooling, and have collectively inched towards the day when we each will enter real life. Besides continuing on with Baroke and design goodness, I will be *fingers crossed* entering grad school for urban planning. I recently completed a paper that involved a lot of bike planning and in my research I found, a site that deals with urban street design and use.

There are tons of films here, displaying innovative street use around the globe, and I found some awesome examples of how to use streets more efficiently while providing a more egalitarian setting (rather than making way for SUVs and placing token bike lanes along the parking margins, Chicago).

We here at Baroke aren't restricted to clothing when it comes to design. Good design helps to improve quality of life in whatever field you may find yourself in. The built environment is perhaps the design exerting the most significant impact on each and every one of us. Still, entire towns are constructed haphazardly with little regard for individuals who live a way of life that either refuses or cannot afford the luxuries of seclusion that American ideals call for today. Streets in America are the most prevalent form of public space, yet they reflect our inability to provide for the common good in that they provide for the luxury of the automobile over the safety, accessibility and diversity of all individuals who may care to use them.

I thought it would be cool to list a few of the videos that I found most interesting and insightful:

-Baroke David
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