Thursday, June 18, 2009

Music I Listened to 10 years ago...

So, it is early on a Thursday. I work nights so this doesn't matter to me. I am allowed this time to think and do whatever I want, which always results in me going through music in my iTunes.

I have been high as a kite on Mos Def. The new album: The Ecstatic, is flipping amazing! Ever since Black On Both Sides, I have been awaiting an album worthy of the attention and acclaim I had initially given the Might Mos. I remember a few years ago midway through a 1200 mile trip from Chicago to Tampa I popped in BOBS and followed it up with Black Star. It made the rolling hills of Alabama all the more interesting.... or interesting in the first place. That got me thinking about what kind of music motivated me in my earlier years.

Mos Def - "Casa Bey" - The Ecstatic - 6.9.09

I think Mos stole the idea from these guys:

I wasn't fortunate enough to have grown up within the city limits of Chicago. I grew up in the Western Suburbs. One year, my parents brought me and my sisters down to the city to enjoy the usual tourist bubble offerings. I was 13 or 14 years old and I was fascinated with architecture. I decided during that trip that I would move to the city when I was 18. I ended up doing just that.

My soundtrack then was an album I would happily apply to any present lazy summer's day walk around the land of corruption that is Chicago: Saturday Teenage Kick by Junkie XL. The album is amazing and I happened upon it through unusual circumstances: I had watched the movie Blade and loved a song during the opening dance club scene. I bought three albums looking for that song. The second album was Saturday Teenage Kick. Junkie XL was just like me: a happy mistake. Do yourself a favor, sit back, close your eyes. Imagine that the year is 1998. The stock market is a raging bull and making your parents' pensions fat as a Kentucky homemaker. You are resting in a pre Millennium Park, pre Trump Tower, pre Green Movement Grant Park in Chicago. It is the Pax Americana at its best. Great beats to put you in a great mood.

here is a somewhat hilarious video:

-Baroke David

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