Sunday, March 15, 2009

No Winter For Me!

So I've had this blogging complex and haven't been able to get myself to blog on Baroke like I said I would. I suck. But Baroke Randy helped me sort it out, so here I am now! Finally.

Since my last blog, I've done a bit more traveling. Besides Hong Kong, I also went to the Mainland a.k.a China (Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai). And you know what? It's everything Americans think it's not or rather, it's not everything that Americans think it is. The transformation China has gone through is insane! From what I witnessed, recycling is highly encouraged! I was even thanked for protecting the environment when I declined a plastic bag for my purchases at a store.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not trying to say things were perfect in China or Hong Kong. But upon my arrival into the states, I was greeted with racism. And not a day has gone by since where I've been frustrated or bothered by the inefficiencies of our systems -- from our public transportation to McDonald's. Once upon a time, people wanted to live the "advanced" lives of Americans. But now we are lagging How have Americans gotten so comfortable to the point where they're simply lazy? The changes that need to be made here aren't solely the responsbility of our goverment either. Each and every American citizen needs to pick up their pace and open their eyes just a little bit more. Adapt quicker and actually welcome the fucking change. For example: Don't hate the new Facebook layout just because your lazy ass isn't used to it. Just embrace that Mark has done the research to give you what you want, before you even know you want it.

So....on a lighter note, I just got back from Costa Rica. It's beautiful. It's relaxing. I ziplined in the rainforest. Jetskied with the dolphins. Jumped off a waterfall. Salsa danced with the locals. Ended my trip on the beach under a sky full of stars. AMAZING!

It seems that I've basically missed the entire Chicago winter. =P

- baroke v

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