Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aw Man...I Just Felt Inadequate.

Just because I'm in a professional funk right now, doesn't mean I can't celebrate and wallow in the happiness of other young people's success. I'm thrilled that Lil Wayne is allowed a few words and noises in every single song alive and that Highschool Musical was such a freakin hit.

If only I had an identity earlier in life, like this little 12 year old girl. The middle-schooler writes one hell of a fashion blog. I mean her knowledge seems indepth and her photos of herself are cool. AND the best part? She's from Chicago! If you read, you'll forget she's 12 and then once you remember, you might feel a little inadequate (warning). Worth a gander if you find yourself with absolutely nothing to do.

The New Girl In Town.

- baroke v


Anonymous said...

yeah they start young nowadays! another awesome fashion blogger who is only 13 years old:

MissShoppaholic said...

she doesn't look 13. yowsers.