Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thought Full

Howdy Baroke Peoples,

School is almost (ALMOST!) over for me. I'll be sure to post my senior thesis for everyone - I know that's what you come here for- but in the mean time, check this out:

What with manana being earth day and all, I thought I should share a clever and earth friendlier take on selling water that I came across at FastCompany. Boxed Water Is Better is a company selling, well, boxed water. This uses less oil in their product's overall production and enables decomposition after the packaging is disposed. While I personally feel that water from the faucet is better (by way of a Brita, that is), at least this will get you around the Chicago bottled water tax. I feel that is a good tax though.

The company says that their paper comes from well managed forests (not the Amazon, like the soybeans fed to what grows up to be your McChicken). All in all I think this is a great solution, but it needs to be taken a step further and become a portable box of water, rather than the milkbox it comes in now.

Get your boxed water on, if you live in Michigan.

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